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Dr. Brent Carter | Owner & Lead Consultant

…is first an incessant student of leadership. He is also an optimist, author, speaker, and practitioner who has discovered remarkable patterns of team behavior that can predict workforce outcomes and drive clarity, cohesion, focus, and engagement. These patterns change everything in organizations, and you need to be aware of them.

Brent has provided leadership consulting to Fortune 100 and military organizations, taught at the doctorate and graduate level in human and organizational behavior, and is the author of multiple books and articles. He is able to translate complex ideas into pragmatic, usable tools to improve how people communicate, think, and collaborate.

In Untamed Leadership, Brent provides evidence that even humans have biological instincts. They shape who we are as leaders, and they control the functional and dysfunctional behavior that secretly pushes and pulls power-levers within our organizations. Using simple tools to discover how these neurological and sociological systems work, Brent provides pragmatic actions that every leader can use to grow fulfillment, inspiration, trust, and more engagement within their teams. 

In Intrepid Professionals, Brent had the honor to co-author this book with Special Operations Chief Warrant Officer Chris Schafer (U.S. Army Green Beret) to equip executives, managers, entrepreneurs and self-improvement seekers to understand and leverage principles of the military mindset. With real-life stories of suspense, heroism, and power of the mind, this book equips leaders to actualize intelligence and create more agile, innovative, and financially competitive organizations.

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Don’t take our word for it:

 Intrepid Professionals illustrates a thoughtful approach to unleashing the full potential of veterans and boosting organizational success.

Joe Sprague

Senior Vice President

Intrepid Professionals is a valuable read for leaders hoping to fuel and maintain high-performance even in the most challenging times.

Karen Kocher

Chief Learning Officer

Here’s a wake-up call on leadership! Don’t just read what Brent and Chris share – study this book and reap the benefits.

Major General Dan York

Commanding General
76th Operational Response Command

As it has always been, nature holds the keys to our interactions with others and the role we choose to play. Untamed Leadership is very insightful and provocative reading.

Darlene Kobobel


Dr. Carter takes a thought-provoking look at parallels between animal and human behavior. He offers insight on ourselves that many have not previously considered.

Megan Sanders

Animal Behavior Programs Manager

In an age when business leaders are looking for any talent advantage they can get, this book provides a thoughtful roadmap on how to not only hire veterans but also to transform their organizations to drive a better bottom line.

Varun Nikore

Managing Director